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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fun School Lunches

Puppy dog roast beef and cheddar sandwich. I used a food markers to draw on the eye and collar. I didn't want to throw away the scraps from cutting out the sandwich so I used them to make a meat and cheese skewer. The flowers are yellow squash and i sliced up a red sweet pepper. She also had peaches, yogurt squeeze, and Florida Natural organic gummy nuggets.
Elephant bologna and cheddar sandwiches. She also had sunbutter on celery with raisins, watermelon, yogurt squeeze, and nut free chocolate chips.
Roast beef and cheese cube skewers. She also had plums, raw cauliflower, pretzels, half of a Cliff Kid Zbar, and Florida Natural organic gummy nuggets.
Hummus and pita chips. She also had grapes on skewers, sliced red sweet pepper, yogurt squeeze, and nut free chocolate chips.
Sunbutter, jelly, and nut free granola on a bagel thin. I cut the wax on a Babybel cheese to make it look like hair. I used a food marker to make the eyes. She had hummus with yellow squash flowers and sweet peppers to dip. I also packed her some orange sliced, raspberries, and peanut free chocolate chips.

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  1. Pinned them all, such awesome ideas and packed with love!!!!

  2. What fabulous lunches, made with lots of love. I bet your little girl smiles as she eats!! :)
    xox, Crystelle

    1. Before school she always asks me to show her lunch to her :) Thanks for the your comment and for stopping by!