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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fun School Lunches (Fall and Halloween inspired)

Fall lunch! Leaf shaped bologna and ketchup sandwich (my kid loves Boar's Head bologna), apple with a leaf cutout, multicolored sweet peppers cut into fall leaves, wheat thins and a couple of Cheez-Its, and peanut-free chocolate chips.
Pumpkin shaped sandwich that is made with bologna, ketchup, and slice of cheddar cheese on top. I rolled the leftover bologna from the cutout pumpkin and put it on a pick. Cut strawberries, yogurt squeeze, Skittles, and for the "pumpkin" cherry tomatoes I just put a piece of toothpick in the tomato to hold on the green bean. Whenever I use hidden toothpicks I show Charlotte before school so she knows to take them out before taking a bite.

Star shaped Sunbutter and jelly sandwich, Babybel cheese with a star cutout, star shaped strawberries, Cheez-Its, green beans, and Florida Natural gummy nuggets.
Graveyard pasta (veggie pasta, olive oil, black olives, and tombstone cheese), cherry tomatoes, ghost cutout apple, green beans, yogurt squeeze, and Tootsie Rolls.

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