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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rise of the Guardians Party

My daughters favorite movie is Rise of the Guardians so of course this is what she wanted the theme of her birthday party to be. To make her invitation I used Algerian Extra-Condensed font, Perpetua Bold Italic font, Century Schoolbook font, and Constantine font. I made my own ticket mask to get the shape of her invitation.
Her cake and cupcakes are vanilla, buttercream frosting, and fondant snowflakes. The rings I found on Etsy at A Birthday Place shop. This was the first time I've ever worked with fondant and found it to be pretty fun. I got the snowflake stamp cutters on Amazon. They were really easy to use but I found that the small one seemed to leave little strings of thin fondant. I let them air dry for a few hours and was able to knock off those strings without damaging the snowflakes.
I made some super yummy Jack Frost cookies that I found on The Jolly Tomato blog. These were a huge hit and very easy to make.You can get the recipe here.
I wanted an activity for each Guardian. I found scratch art snowflakes at Oriental Trading and knew they would be perfect for the Jack Frost activity.
For North's activity the kiddos decorated homemade sugar cookies that my Mother-in-law made. They weren't on the table yet because I wanted the kids to eat lunch before doing this activity ;)
Sandy's activity was sculpting good dreams with kinetic sand. Have you ever played with it before? It is so amazing and fun. We love this stuff! I put two boxes in our sand table.
The biggest hit was Bunny's activity, which was an egg hunt! I glued a picture of the Guardians to a medium sized gift bag for the kiddos to fill with their finds.
Last activity was Tooth's. I had the kids help Tooth by throwing teeth shaped erasers that I purchased from Oriental Trading into "canisters" for prizes. I wish I remembered to take a picture before we started the game...lol. I really had grand plans for this but ran out of crafting time. There was supposed to be gold canisters that looked like they did in the movie and more decorations around the game. Oh well, the kids still loved it.
For a really easy decoration I sprayed a can of fake snow on our glass doors and copied the pictures Jack Frost drew to keep Jamie believing in Bunny.
Here's the happy birthday girl!!! She loved her party and even though it was a lot of work I'm glad I did it for her.

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