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Saturday, October 4, 2008

catch up and nursery

For at least the past month two of my fingers on my right hand are numb and my carpal tunnel has come back with a vengeance. I haven't been able to do any beading, play video games, type for very long, or even write. My doctor says it's due to a lot of swelling around my tendons and should go away after my pregnancy. I had a sonogram done on Thursday and still have to scan the pictures. I will try to do it this weekend and post some pics. She has really cute fat cheeks. I only have 2 weeks until my due date but really it could be anytime now.

Here are 2 cards I made for some September birthdays.
We had some sweet dumpling squash for dinner the other night and noticed that the seeds looks just like mini pumpkin seeds. Richie cleaned them, soaked them in salt water for 24 hours in the fridge, dried them on a paper over night on the counter, toasted them in a frying pan, and then roasted them in the toaster oven. Boy were they yummy. He is grilling some more squash for dinner. I'm looking more forward to the seeds.

I made white chocolate truffles with irish cream last weekend. I wasn't able to eat any but heard they were very good. I saw them made on Barefoot Contessa and thought that they would make a nice hostess gift for my baby shower. They turned out really pretty. I rolled them in finely chopped hazelnuts and drizzled the tops with dark chocolate. I forgot to take pictures of them though :( I did however take a picture of the very large tag with recipe slipped in that I made for the package.
The nursery is pretty much done. Richie made the tree thing but needs to hang it. I got a pink rocking chair pad but I have to pick it up from my parents house. I still need to get some things for the walls and have Richie put up some shelves.

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