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Thursday, October 22, 2009

more and what is that

The other evening Charlotte signed more! At dinner I asked her if she wanted more but didn't do the sign and she started to tap her finger tips together. I guess she has been paying attention. I'm now wishing that I had been doing more signs than just milk, more, and thank you but it's never too late to expand.

She is also talking a lot. She is always pointing at things and asking "what is that, what's that" or pointing at people, animals, or stuffed toys and asking "who is that, who's that". It is amazing how she seems to get the what or who correct. This morning she pointed at a picture of Richie and said perfectly clear "Daddy". She also said Grandma for the first time last night. Everyday she is saying some new word. I can't believe how fast she is changing or that her 1st birthday is next week. Time flies.

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