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Friday, November 19, 2010

Toddler Milk Jug Wings

I forgot to take pictures to make the tutorial for Charlotte's Abby Cadabby toddler sized wings but they were pretty simple. Cut wing shape out of frosted gallon milk or water jugs but leave enough of a tail to staple the wings together and add elastic straps. Clean and dry the wings. Using matte Mod Podge put a thin layer on one side of the wing and then lay a sheet of pink colored tissue paper down. Very gentely smooth the tissue paper making sure there are no bubbles. Do this to all the wings. Let them dry completely and then using a toothpick apply more Mod Podge under the tissue paper where the edges aren't glued down good. Let dry and then staple wings together. Staple on elastic straps. Using a glue gun wrap thick ribbon around center to cover staples.

She loves her wings and have been wearing them for dress-up a lot so I might make her some more pairs in different colors. I will take pictures of the process next time :)


  1. What beautiful wings! Your little girl is so lucky to have such a talented mommy.

    I may try to make those with my granddaughter over the Thanksgiving Holiday.


  2. These are so cute! How creative! I bet your daughter just loves them. For Halloween my daughter was Slimer from Ghostbusters but I didn't make her costume. I'm not creative at all but I did have someone from Etsy make it for me. :)

  3. Julia, I love Ghostbusters! I bet she was really cute as Slimer :)