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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So we got a big surprise when we received our escrow statement. We have a $1344.32 negative. Our mortgage payment went up about $475. This year is going to be really tight. The bank messed up and calculated that our home owners insurance would only be $386 for the year! Really, I don't know anyone who would be able to insure their house for under $400. We live in Florida and are required to carry hurricane coverage. Our mortgage broker is looking over everything and is going to call the bank and see if he can get them to let us pay it over the next few years to bring our monthly payment down. Finger crossed.

On a good note though we are expecting baby #2. I'm 11 weeks and due on July 28th! We had planned this pregnancy to be all on one calendar year for insurance reasons. I'm really glad I got pregnant when I did because the due date is around the time we wanted. This first trimester has been hell. I have been so nauseous and super tired. Poor Charlotte has had to deal with Mommy being to tired to play for long periods of time. She hears me say to her at least once a day "I'm sorry sweetie but Mommy doesn't feel good. Please let me lay here for a few more minutes". It's getting a little better this last week and hopefully soon it will pass. I had it way to easy with Charlotte and knew there was no way I could get lucky twice...lol.

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