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Saturday, December 23, 2006


Last night was a blast. The Christmas party was at Captain Hirams down in Sebastian Beach. Pat drove his houseboat and docked it at the Captain Hirams marina so a ton of people went back to his boat afterwards to party. Richie decided he would drive so I was able to get shitty. Everyone at the Craftmaster group is super cool and a blast to hang with. We didn't leave until 2am...fun times. I'm not feeling so well though but it was worth it.

My mom called me around noon and I asked if we were still doing Christmas Eve at my Uncle Mark's and she wasn't sure. She called Mark and he said he wasn't doing it this year but he would go come over with a dish if she wanted to have it at her house. Richie and I decided we would have everyone over to our house. Fourteen people will be coming over for dinner tomorrow evening. So it was cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and going to the store to buy a turkey, salad fixings, and stuff to make homemade mac n cheese. Cleaning and shopping sucks when you have a bad hangover but at least now my house is clean.

Our friend Chris is in town and is coming over to drink and I think we are going to a bar later. I'm the driver tonight and hope I can stay awake. I got only about four hours of sleep and have been cleaning like crazy. Well Chris just got here so bye:)

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