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Monday, January 1, 2007

my weekend

Saturday our friend Shawn came to the beach with us to go kayak surfing. Waves were way to big for him to learn on...he never made it out and came back to shore with bloody teeth. I went out when he came back in and had a hard time making it out but I did it. The waves were chest high and choppy. I caught a really nice wave and had an awesome ride but fell when all the white water crashed on me. I almost held on but my thigh strap slipped and down I went. The waves were breaking way out and there was a nasty rip current so it took me about 40 minutes to get back to the beach but I made it. I couldn't get back on my boat because the waves were breaking one after another and I didn't have any time to try. My valiant husband paddled out to make sure I was o.k. and to give me moral support. It was a rough trip back in but well worth it...I think I may have to invest in a life jacket for the next big day.

Sunday our friend Max and his family came paddling with us to Thousand Islands. I wish I would have remembered to take my camera out of the dry bag and use it but oh well. I love his wife Rebecca and their two kids...they are all super cool. I wish they lived closer.

Sunday evening we decided to stay in and drink Liberty Ale instead of going out. Boy does Liberty Ale mess me up. We watched Pulp Fiction...love that movie. Passed out around 2am.

Today I have done nothing but veg out on the couch. It's been a great weekend but went way to fast. I wasn't feeling creative at all so I didn't even attempt to scrapbook. Well I'm going to go read and hopefully get some sleep.

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