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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Poor Pandora

I've really been slacking on my blog but so much has been going on. We just got back from Richie's brothers wedding that was in Texas. I brought my camera but never once took a picture. I guess that is what happens when you start drinking by 2pm every day. Oh well, I'll just get pics from other people. The wedding was beautiful and everything went really smooth...so happy for them.

My ferret has had insulinomas for almost a year now and is 7 years and 4 months old. (Insulinomas are insulin producing tumors that causes super low blood glucose levels.) A week before we were about to leave for Texas she had her first seizure. It was so scary and happened at 10pm. We thought she was dying...her breathing was super shallow and every so often she would gasp for breath, she was not responding to us, not blinking, and was drooling. We had no idea that this was a hypoglycemic seizure. Thankfully we have the internet and were able to find out enough info to bring her out of it. This website ROCKS!!! Pandora came out of it and within a few hours was back to her normal self. She went to her vet (which is an hour away and the only one who knows about ferrets near us) within a few days and is now on prednisone. She was doing much better but now we think she picked up a virus or something. When we went to Texas we left her with a friend who has 14 ferrets. She wasn't around his ferrets except for one that she loved playing with, but still must have picked something up. She hasn't been eating right this whole week and has had the greenie runs. We have been force feeding her here and there but she just had another seizure about an hour or so ago. She is fine now and snarfing around her cage. This sucks!!! Poor Pandora :(

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