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Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm Back

Wow I finally got internet again...yay!!! So much has happened. I started making jewelry and it is now my favorite craft. I still haven't fixed my camera because I'm a slack ass; so there aren't any pics of the recent cards I've made. I've also given most of the jewelry away so there won't be pics of it either. I really need to work on not being a procrastinator.

We went to Cape Cod and it was fabulous. We stayed at a cottage in Eastham with a bunch of other people and plus one of our favorite persons of all time, Sarah. Met lots of super cool people and had a blast. Sarah's uncle took us for a ride on his 78' yacht from Dennis to Province town and then back. It was the perfect day and we got back just as the sun was setting. A meteor shower was going on the whole week we were there. We saw lots of shooting stars. Went and walked around Hyannis, Chatham, and some other town I can't remember. Drank tons of Harpoon IPA. No exaggeration...there were almost 500 bottles drank at the cottage. Great week and it sucks to be back in Florida. Can't wait for fall/winter...kayaking weather. Will post some pics as soon as I get them from Sarah and Andre.

Found some pics of two cards I made but never posted.

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