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Thursday, May 15, 2008

funny story

So I was all proud that the book I bought at a thrift store to totally destroy was a boring autobiography of some guy nobody would probably know of or care to read about. I felt I was giving it a new life. I'm bragging to my husband how I have rescued this book from a life of obscurity in some unknown landfill. He asks what the book is and as I stutter IAC.... he shouts you mean Lee Iacocca. I'm wondering how he knows of this guy as he starts telling me this is the father of the Mustang, the mini-van, and the former president of Ford and Chrysler. Well I feel stupid. What American doesn't know about the Mustang or hasn't ridden in a mini-van. It turns out he has influenced my life more than I knew. Maybe I should have read the table of contents.

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