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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Charlotte is getting big

Charlotte rolled over from her back to her stomach last Thursday and then didn't do it again until Wednesday. That day she did it five times while playing on this baby gym. She never does it when I'm with her. She waits until I leave the room and then I will hear her grunting and making unhappy noises so I go to check on her and she is on her stomach. She also has gotten really good at standing with very little help. We will barely hold her around her chest (just for her balance) and she will stand for about 30 seconds and sometimes more before her legs give out. When she is sitting (also with a little help) she will try to push up to get into a standing position. I can't believe how big she is getting. She also always has a thumb in her mouth...it's so cute. I was a thumb sucker until I was fourteen so we knows where she gets it from. She has also become quite the little talker and laughs a lot. I love it :)

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