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Monday, April 26, 2010


I had really nice night yesterday. I got home from work to Richie cooking dinner. Had a yummy meal with the family and Richie gave Charlotte a bath so I could glue some wings in my journal. After I put Charlotte in bed around 9pm I spent the rest of the night playing in my journal. I got out the gesso, all my metallic paints, gold signo pen, rubber stamps, brillance stamp pad, and a cute picture of Charlotte at Easter. I love dripping Pearlescent liquid acrylics and then pressing it with a paper towel for some texture. That is what I used for all the blue in the sky. The bottle says to stir but I shake it to get some bubbles that also add some more texture. I stamped the flowers using Lumiere paint. I love that stuff. The page looks so much better in person. You can't really see how metallic everything is.

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