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Monday, September 1, 2014

Cheap and Easy Flowered Hula Skirts

For our daughters third birthday we decided to go with a luau theme. I was so excited to find lots of awesome and cheap supplies at the Dollar Tree. My favorite find was green fabric hula skirts and colorful leis. To make the skirts more fun I sewed on some flowers from the leis. It was super easy and cheap!
Here are the supplies you will need. Hula skirts, silk flowers, pins, sewing machine (you could do this by hand but that would take forever!), thread, and scissors.
I took apart the leis and used the silk flowers to pin to the top band of the skirt. These hula skirts have a drawstring so I made sure before pinning that the drawstring was at the top of the pocket band. Pin all the flowers in place. I used two per pin.
I just sewed back and forth a couple of times over each flower center. Don't cut your threads but just lift your presser foot and move onto the next flower. Continue until they are all done!
After your finished just cut your threads. Super simple :)

P.S. Sorry for the bad pictures. I was working at night.

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  1. Super cute and fun hula skirts! Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. Your welcome and thanks for stopping by! The skirts were a huge hit at my daughters party.

  2. Your push pins are WAY too cute.

    Love the skirt, too!

    1. You should have seen me squeal in the store when I found those butterfly pins...haha