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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fun School Lunches

School is in full swing and these are some of the fun lunches that I have packed my little Kindergartener. We went with a PlanetBox Rover for her lunchbox. So far I love it! It makes it really easy to plan and pack her lunches.
I found these cute Minion shaped graham crackers from Honey Maid. To make her sandwich I just cut it and a piece of cheddar cheese into the shape of a Minion head. On a slice of provolone cheese I cut a strip with a knife and a circle with a cookie cutter. I laid the pieces where I wanted them and trimmed the strip to fit. To draw on the face I used a Wilton Food Writer marker in black.
I carved the wax on a Babybel cheese to make a ladybug. To get perfect circles I used a hard straw from a plastic tumblers to cut the wax. I used heart picks that I got from the Dollar Tree to make her "fairy wands". I just put on a couple of grapes and then a piece of flower shaped honeydew melon to make the wands. She also had sunbutter, jelly, and granola on a bagel thin. For her treat I gave her some nut free chocolate chips :)
For the green balls I just used a melon baller on honeydew melon. I bought these super cute and easy to use egg molds on Amazon. You just pop a warm hard boiled egg into the mold, close it, and stick it in the fridge until you need the egg. I found that an extra large egg worked pretty good in the fish mold but some egg did squeeze out the sides. I just cut off the extra and they looked adorable.
I made her a homemade lunchable. I had the deli slice my Boars Head ham thick. When I got home I used a circle cookie cutter on the ham and sliced cheese. For her treat I gave her some mini marshmallows.
Sorry for the horrible photo. This was her lunch from the first day of school. I was in a big rush and didn't realize how blurry this photo was. (I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and feel that it takes awful photos). Anyway, the white hearts are a hard boiled egg cut in half. I used my new eggs molds that I talked about on the fish lunch. You have to use extra large eggs to fill the heart mold.

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  1. What adorable lunches Amber! My oldest is starting Kindergarten tomorrow (eeks!), and I will be packing snack and lunch for her. I've decided to go the bento box route because she enjoys eating a little of a lot of different things. I love your lunches! I'm going to be using egg molds as well. So excited! Thanks for the great inspiration!

    1. I hope your kiddo has an awesome first day! My daughter did but I was a mess...haha! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Just love love your lunch ideas!! The minion's are my fav :)