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Wednesday, December 6, 2006


So I hardly got any sleep last night but what's new. Found out that I'm out of my creamer so I got coffee on my way to work...crap I didn't go to the store so I still have no creamer. I got a horrible headache around 11:00am that never fully went away. I didn't finish the new products and more came in again today so that means another day without me being able to do inventory. When I got home from work I did nothing but watch tv and browse some craft blogs. I watched the Victoria Secrets fashion show and got some ideas for sprucing up some lingerie. Don't know when I'll attempt it with the long list of projects I really want to do. Sitting here now about to try to get some sleep I'm wishing that I made some cards or scrapbooked. We actually got a cold snap yesterday so I'm enjoying that but realizing I didn't do any laundry and that I have no jeans that I like clean. Oh well I guess I can wear my jeans that are slightly on the short side with my boots or see if any of my jeans are clean enough. Well all in all it was a blah unproductive day.

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