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Thursday, December 7, 2006


I found out today that our Christmas party is on Sunday which means I can't go because I already made plans. You would think they would put out a memo or something but no they figured everyone knew it's going to be on the 10th and word of mouth is enough. Well apparently not everyone knew and I'm not the only one. Even if I was told the date awhile back, I still expected something written so I wouldn't make plans. Well I guess another year goes by that I don't get to kick my bosses ass in bowling. Oh by the way, it's at the bowling alley and I love to bowl. Last year I only got to show up for a about 30 minutes and then it was off to Richie's Grandfather's viewing. I probably shouldn't have gone because I was a mess but since I'm the one that gets our bosses gift every year I had to at least drop it off. Yesterday Richie found out that his Christmas party is dinner at Chili's, right after they get done with inventory, and they can't bring anyone with them. In past years they were always allowed to bring their family and it was a couple of hours after work. He left the job he's at now for a year to pursue estimating but they just recently bought him back. His old job still wants us to go to their Christmas party so that's a plus. I love the people he used to work with and had fun at last years. I take back what I said a few days ago about not getting my usual Christmas depression. The lights are still pretty and I still look forward to hanging with all my family, but I have definitely slipped into a FUNK. I tried to make some cards or scrapbook but I ended up just cleaning up my mess from the other day. I'm so not inspired to do anything...my mind is blank. Well I've been babbling/ranting for long enough; I'm going to go lay down and probably stare at the ceiling and wallow. Not really but that is the mood I'm in.

I just started to think about rereading what I just wrote and check my punctuation. Screw it, I really shouldn't obsess.

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