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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Night Launch

Well tonight kicked ass...the shuttle launch was rescheduled for tonight and Richie and I paddled out to the river and watched the launch from the water only about 10 to 15 miles from the launch pad. It was so beautiful and if I wasn't such a dumbass I wouldn't have forgotten my camera. Really sucks I didn't get a picture. The sky turned to daylight and the reflection off the water...well it rocked. Afterwards we paddled down some of the canals in our neighborhood and looked at peoples Christmas lights. I think we will have to do another night paddle soon.

All Basic Grey paper and stamps are 40% off and KI Memories are 70% off at Crafts & Stuff so I bought a bunch of paper and a Season's Greetings stamp today. The only thing I went in for was some ribbon and a little bit of card stock but walked out with a lot of stuff for only $22.04.

We were supposed to be camping/kayaking right now in Vero Beach but didn't go because it was going to be pretty windy and not the best conditions to be kayaking. It worked out well though because I didn't think about them rescheduling the launch for tonight and we wouldn't have gotten to see it. We will still be going kayaking all day tomorrow. I might be able to make it to my Christmas party after all.

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