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Saturday, December 2, 2006

State of Mind

So I woke up this morning at 11:00. I've been experiencing insomnia for the last few weeks. It's like my brain doesn't shut down until a few hours before the alarm is going to go off. I haven't figured out what is causing it but I'm thinking about just trying to not go to sleep until I'm super tired. I'm kinda scared that I won't ever sleep if I do that but man do I waste a lot of hours just laying there. Last night I laid down around 12:00 but was restless so I stayed up reading for a couple of hours. I think I finally fell asleep around 2:30 but only to wake up and fall back to sleep over and over again (of late my usual cycle). At least I got a broken up 7 hours.

At work I'm currently managing the year end inventory but this year I can't seem to get enough time to actually check the counts that are off and fix them. We keep getting tons of new product and I have to enter into my stores computer system and make reports for the other two stores. Our Toy department is a mess from the former department manager and the new one isn't fully trained yet. Plus the store manager has revised the amount of stuff they will be responsible for and it doesn't include determining what products we are keeping and what is being discounted or returned, so it falls on me. Usually taking care of the new stuff and cleaning up the toy department isn't a problem but I'm also responsible for the store inventory. All I want is time to do a proper inventory of the store...by this time I would of already had a full inventory done and been starting on another round. Maybe this is why I'm having problems sleeping. I used to thrive on stress but now that I turned 27 it seems everything is changing. I'm not handling stress the same as I used to, my husband has suddenly started to go to bed at 10:00 and gets up at the ass crack of dawn, I can't sleep, I feel like I have no time to do anything, and I'm getting fatter. Anyway just a rough time till the end of the year.

On a lighter note, I found that this year instead of getting my usual Christmas depression that I love the lights, making cards, and I can't wait to spend time with my family. Christmas Eve dinner at my Uncle Mark's house, playing with my wonderful cousin Noah (6.6 yrs), and holding my darling niece Roxy (7 mo). Christmas day at my husbands parents house, visiting with his brother Kevin and Kevin's wife Leanne, while playing their son Tyler (1.6 yrs).

I'm obsessing about where to put commas and not succeeding on doing it correctly. I've read quite a few websites about it but I'm failing to put it in place. Every website seems to contradict each other and I'm so confused. Please if you have a website the doesn't speak gibberish and actually is using the correct way then I would appreciate you sending me a link. Punctuation was the horror of my school years and is probably the reason for my terror of writing. I'm working through my fears and need to get over being perfect. I think my new way of thinking needs to be screw punctuation. It's not like my blog or journalling is going to be graded ;)

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